About us


Chloé Kristyn celebrates the multidimensionality of the modern woman and the many roles she plays throughout her day. Created by visionary designer Bettina Benson, the brand is redefining the contemporary dress code with elevated pieces that stand the test of time—this is accessible luxury that’s meant to be lived in. With sumptuous fabrics and striking silhouettes crafted to flatter every figure, Bettina proves that strength and sophistication aren’t mutually exclusive. These are pieces that honor the female form through true reverence by elegantly embracing the power inherent within each of us.  

Named for her daughter, the collection commemorates the exhilarating pivot Bettina made after her birth, shifting from a lucrative career in sales to creative direction and entrepreneurship. More than just immaculately crafted clothes, the brand signifies the importance of following your heart and the fearless drive required to truly trust yourself—something Bettina wanted her daughter to learn by example. 

“Our clothes exist at the beautiful intersection of where femininity and fierceness merge, empowering our woman to command a presence wherever she goes.”
— Bettina Benson  
Chloé Kristyn signifies true admiration for the essence of today’s woman in all of her many facets and phases. While creating the brand with intention, designer Bettina Benson crafted this symbol to represent the interconnectedness of the infinite love she felt for her daughter, the endless journey of self-evolution, and the power embodied in the fierce femininity all women possess.